Samsung WAVE

Samsung Wave Global Launch Show My Role: Onsite Technical Manager


World’s Largest 360° Media Facade

The global launch show for Samsung’s new cell phone, WAVE, held at Barcelona, Spain, on February 14, 2010, was also the event at which d’strict unveiled the world’s largest media façade – using four walls at the same time. The fantastic video show unfolded on a screen consisting of four inner walls, each of which measured 33m in width and 8m in height, receiving an enthusiastic reception from the participants and media representatives from all around the world.

Media Façade with Simultaneous Use of Four Inner Walls
The theme of the launch show for Samsung’s WAVE cell phone was “Ocean”. The spectators were guided into a large room whose four walls were turned into a 360-degree media façade forming a vast canvas, where they enjoyed an opportunity to experience the world under the sea. They were then surrounded by a 3D video work presented on the room’s four huge walls, giving them the impression that they’d been invited to the very depths of the oceanic kingdom.

Stereoscopic 3D with Ultra Realistic Effect
The media façade used for the WAVE launch show did not feature ordinary beam projection but rather a next-generation technique that helped make possible 3D screening of the walls of the event hall and present 3D moving images on them, fascinating the viewers with a remarkably powerful 3D effect consisting of protruding or sunken walls. The moving images of the media façade were completed after an elaborate working process to make them appear as close to reality as possible, resulting in a work that created a sense of depth and dynamic movement, allowing viewers to feel as if they were actually visiting the world under the sea and exploring its wonders.

Plausible Storytelling in Solid Organization
The media façade show was more than just a series of fragmentary moving images designed to attract viewers’ attention: All the scenes from the opening performance to the conclusion of the presentation were arranged according to a flawless storyline which informed the viewers about WAVE via a thrilling journey through the underwater world. The show was able to dramatically increase the viewers’ concentration on the strength of its consistency and plausibility, giving them the same level of satisfaction they might get from a well-made drama.

Live Action Performance


Persentation – Part1

Persentation – Part2

Persentation – Part3

HYPER FAÇADE, Architecture Display of a New Level
The remarkable success of the WAVE launch show was in fact greatly indebted to HYPER FAÇADE, the latest UX product from d’strict. Having fully proven its potential at fashion shows and environmental campaigns held in Korea, the product is characterized by the three-dimensional screening of the inner and outer surfaces of a structure, such as a building, to create a work composed of 3D moving images. As an illusory space inspired by a space in the real world, d’strict’s HYPER FAÇADE is widely acclaimed as a highly advanced UX product featuring the 360-degree presentation of moving images and an advanced form of architectural display in which a plausible story is combined with fully developed technological capability.