Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation V Concert from Dilussion on Vimeo.

Project Description

V-concert, meaning virtual concert, provides life-like hologram. It is work of highly experienced professionals of dilussion and SM Entertainment who manages top K-pop artists. It was the world-first hologram concert held outside on an extremely cold night (-15℃). To make things even more challenging, it was wide open to the public in one of the busiest part of the city and was live streamed in real time to the viewers around the world.

Project Output


Treated images of hologram content with projection image around it.


Captured from the live streamed video of the hologram concert.


The extremely cold temperature could not stop the people enjoying the new experience.


Installation & Simulation

Surface surrounding the central hologram screen is being mapped for projection.


Long before the show begins, hundreds of people are gathered in Gangnam station, one of the busiest part of the city.