Liu Pang : Interactve Installation

‘Liuliu Pangpang’ is selected in ACM Siggraph in Singapore

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Co-authors: Woosok Jang, Maowei Yu, Yachi Peng

Official Website : ( made by Woo Sok Jang )

Liuliu Pangpang is an optical illusion interactive installation. A floor projection, like a seesaw, will dynamically tilt towards different directions when people interact with it. It will look like a stripe-patterned floor and when people stand on it, its perspective will change. The game-like environment encourages the audience to explore body movements and interact with each other. The leaning directions and angles of the floor are influenced by the audience’s locations and the amount of people. On the projected floor, there are balls which move according to the physics/natural laws of the environment.

Artist Statement:
Liuliu Pangpang, an interactive installation, creates a virtual environment that encourages the audience to explore the movements of their body and interaction with others. The idea of this project is inspired by the classical piece of playground equipment, the seesaw. We believe that a very common thing can be transformed into something unusual. When there is only one participant, the projected floor will tilt according to their location and estimated. When more people walk into the area, they engage in a cooperative interaction. The audience can create various effects by speeding up their movements, crossing the floor, and even jumping on it. The result is fun way let people to interact with a virtual world.

Technical Statement:
Liuliu Pangpang is an interactive floor-projected environment created with MaxMSP, JavaScript and a camera sensitive to infra-red light. The projection is a physical simulation of a freely tilting plane with a central pivot point and virtual balls rolling on the plane under the influence of gravity. The audience can move freely in the area defined by the projection. The tilt of the plane is determined by the actual center of gravity of the audience members walking on top of the projected plane, estimated with the help of video-tracking algorithms.