Tuition Grant Agreement Download

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact the Ministry of Education`s Scholarship Department for students who receive the scholarship, just pay the subsidized tuition. To help students pay a portion of the high costs, the government, through the Ministry of Education (MOE), provides scholarships to full-time graduate students admitted to the Singapore Polytechnic. Scholarships are awarded to all full-time graduates. The Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE) grants a portion of the full tuition fees to students who have the right to study. Students who do not apply or apply, but do not complete the scholarships (TG) until the scheduled dates, pay the full fee. Details of the TG implementation deadline, signing dates, location and time will be sent to you later through your respective institutions. Tuition Grant is a Singapore government scholarship designed to help students meet the cost of full-time higher education in Singapore up to a maximum of 10 semesters. – The guarantees are to print the TGA on the A4 size of a large white paper and sign the ink on page 9, send the agreement signed with a copy of their passport or ID card issued by the state with photo to the student. Permanent residents and international SPR students and international students interested in obtaining the MOE scholarship to subsidize their tuition fees must indicate that they are opting for TG in their online application form. When they are offered a scholarship with their place, they must indicate their choice whether they accept the offer with or without a scholarship. For those who have accepted the offer of admission with Tuition Grant, they must register for a scholarship after receiving their registration number. Students must sign the TG agreement in the presence of the CEE official and present their SP admission card, NRIC (for RPS), ICA student passport and passport (for international students) for identification.

If you are a permanent resident of Singapore or an international student, you will be informed at a later date of the signing of the deed with the Ministry of Education. For more information, visit the MOE Tuition Grant website or email our Office of Finance. For students who sign the endorsement (polytechnic students who have not been made redundant, licensed or dismissed from tuition grant bonds): two guarantees are required for the implementation of the TG agreement.