Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

The directive does not apply to students. See the agreement on the acceptable use of students. In addition to other agreements between you and ISCTM, these conditions explain the policies that govern your access to our website and network and their use, including what we can do at our discretion for any use we deem unacceptable. The Directive covers people who use the department`s ICT resources, including, but not only: Purpose As a hosting provider, Secure-24 LLC (“Secure-24”) offers its customers (also known as subscribers) and their end-users the opportunity to acquire and disseminate public, private, commercial and non-commercial information on secure devices, networks and infrastructure. Secure-24 respects the fact that the internet provides a forum for free and open discussion and dissemination of information. However, if there are business, legal, security or other problems, Secure-24 reserves the right to take preventive or remedial action. In order to balance these competing interests, Secure-24 has developed this User Directive (“AUP”), which complements and explains certain conditions of each customer`s respective service contract and is designed as a guide to the client`s rights and obligations in the use of Secure-24 services. Regardless of the above, the terms and conditions of the Master Service Agreement, including all plans, will raise it and resolve any conflict between that document and the Master Services Agreement or existing plans. This UPA may be amended from time to time and revisions apply in accordance with the provisions of the Master Service Agreement. Authorized use guidelines are an integral part of the information security policy framework; It is common to ask new members of an organization to sign an UPA before accessing their information systems. That`s why an UPA should be concise and clear, while covering key points about what users can and can`t do with an organization`s computer systems.