Woosok Jang

Previous, Tangible Media Group Leader, Art and Technology Director of d’strict holdings
Woosok Jang,CEO at Dilussion Inc., Interactive Media Artist & Director exhibiting, lecturing, and working internationally, was born in Seoul Korea and received his MFA in 2009 from the Pratt Institute in New York.He especially majored in Interactive Media as his professional specialty .
From 2009~2011, he worked for d’strict holdings Inc. as a Director & Leader of Art and Technology Group in order to design diverse emerging media and converge analog and digital experience for global advertising, entertainment, education and art marketing industries. His unique disciplines and tangible product R&D outputs craft revolutionary brand launching show, event, concert and environment designs such as Tiffany&Co. media Hyper facade in Beijing in 2010, Samsung Mobile Jet & Corby Global Launching Show in 2009 with gesture sensing based by holographic display and diverse interactive brand spaces innovations.


Since he established dilussion Inc. which is composed with the most experienced and Innovative new media expert group, he works with diverse clients especially SM Entertainment as development of New Media business platform & space consultancy and project execution, as well as advanced research & R&D projects with Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motors. Recently, he extends the business domain in various areas and breaks the wall among traditional business.